I'm Alessandro Scarpellini, a modernist designer with a reductive and minimalistic visual language, working and living in Italy.

I believe that honesty, simplicity, good dialogue with clients, and above all, hard work are the keys to create a strong, lasting and remarkable design.

I've worked for a wide range of clients around the world, helping build a timeless and meaningful design solutions with real purpose and value.

My services include: art direction, branding and visual identity, naming, icons set, web sites, magazines and packaging design.

My work has been featured on many design blogs and books, like Site Inspire, Human Logo, Minimalissimo, One Page Love, Nature Logo, Art Marks, Abstract Logo, Httpster, Minimalism Life, Monogram Logo.

I'm also the curator of Visual Journal, an inspirational blog about the best in branding and graphic design.

You can find my updates on Twitter, Behance, Instagram, Facebook, Dribbble and LinkedIn.

For new projects, ideas, business inquiries or quotations, or anything you’d like to discuss,
email me at aesse@alessandroscarpellini.it
or call me at +39 333 4931547